Doug Koyama

“When Doug Koyama enters a room you know it! His boundless energy, his warmth and enthusiasm are quickly evident. And then his music. Doug weaves sound with his voice and some looping technology. The music is mesmerizing, hypnotic and joyful all at once. He has a passion for singing and getting others to sing along.” –Cheryl MacKay, CBC North by Northwest
Doug Koyama is a singer and performer from the central interior region of British Columbia. A shift in 2009 lead to a strong desire to travel and perform as his prime mode of existence. In the winter you may find Doug working in a dish-pit, as a school photographer or, more recently as a private chef. Summers are full of music festivals all across BC. His open-hearted sharing of everything he is and has keeps Koyama in good standing on the festival circuit and a perennial favourite at many of the festivals he performs at. Each springs’ musical adventure has started a little earlier for the past few years (the end of March in 2017), leading to a transition to a life of full-time music, which is his goal. Doug performs Improvised A Capella with a loop pedal, a style popularized by American musician / comedian Reggie Watts. The loop pedal allows the layering of sounds, vocal percussion, and melodic and harmonic phrases. By controlling these elements, as well as live vocals, he builds songs out of his imagination. Each song is unique and inspiring with just enough room for your imagination to blossom into whimsical and romantic dreamscapes in your mind.

April 28th: Word Circus 3 pm Havana Theatre