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April 25, 2018 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

| By Donation
[ID: Kitty Stryker sits on a round orange and yellow ottoman chair. Her feet are tucked to one side. The image is at a tilt and is washed in yellow. Kitty wears a dark plaid skirt, black stockings, Mary-Jane shoes, and a yellow v-necked button up cardigan over a flowered shirt. Her hair is orange. She wears glasses. Her mouth is pursed. Her head is tilted and her eyes are looking to one side. To her right there is an orange gumball machine. Above her on a shelf on the yellow wall behind her, there is a bag of gumballs. /endID]

What better place to proclaim your love for whatever turns on your nerdy nature than at the Storm Crow Tavern, the geekiest gathering place in Vancouver? Costumes are welcomed in the audience or for performers. Go on, dress up, and step up to the mic. You will be in raucous good company! Hosted by the inimitable Erin Dingle. Featuring a set by self-described nerd Kitty Stryker.


2:30 Doors / 3:00 Show / By Donation


The Storm Crow remains open to other customers during this event; it is a family friendly restaurant. Please take this into account when selecting your poem to share on the open mic, and avoid any violent or overly explicit content. If you are uncertain if your poem falls into these categories, a content warning on the poem would be appreciated.


This event is a scent-reduced space. To assist us in our goal of increased access, please be aware of our attempt to reduce the impact of personal scented products (perfumes, scented oils, etc) in our festival spaces.

Storm Crow Accessibility Info:

The front door of the Storm Crow Tavern swings out.  Width of opening is 35.5” / 90 cm with clearance of 32” / 81 cm. The doorsill is uneven but mostly level. The outside door handle is a right-handed pull with a handle at 36.5” / 93 cm from the ground. The inside door handle is a bar at 44.25” / 112 cm.

There are seating options with movable and modular tables and some bench seating.  There is a bar 46.75” / 118 cm high with barstools with backs. These seats are 33.25” / 78 cm high. From one seating area to another there is an archway with 41.5” / 105 cm of clearance.

There are two gender-inclusive washrooms at the end of a hallway.

One wall of the hallway holds framed and unframed paintings, as well as an electrical outlet with plug in use. The angle of entry to the hallway permits 50” / 127 cm of negotiable space.  Free space once in the hallway is 41.5” / 105 cm, narrowing to not less than 27” / 68.5 cm due to two movable machines. The hallway culminates in a fire door, with a left turn leading to two single-stall washrooms. At the turn, available space is 42.25” / 107 cm. The hallway after the turn measures 35” / 89 cm wide.

The first washroom measures 67” / 170.5 cm by 62.25” / 158 cm. Door entrance width is 30” / 76.5 cm. The handle is 39.5” / 101 cm high. There is a .25” / .5 cm lip in the doorsill. Door opens into the washroom, secured by a slide bolt 48” / 122 cm high. The light switch is a rocker 49” / 124.5 cm from the floor. Toilet 17.5” /44.5 cm high.  Distance to wall right side of toilet : 11” / 28 cm. Distance to wall left side of toilet : 36.5” / 93 cm. Distance to sink left side of toilet : 10.75” / 27.5 cm. Pedestal sink 33” / 84 cm high. Paper towel dispenser mounted on wall 58” 147.5 cm high, obstructed by sink.

Entrance to the second washroom is unobstructed by the presence of an ATM in the hallway.  

The second washroom has a change table.  The washroom measures 65.5” / 166 cm by 80” / 203 cm. Door entrance width is 30” / 76.5 cm.  The handle is 40” / 101.5 cm high. There is a .5” / 1cm lip in the doorsill. Door opens into the washroom, secured by a slide bolt 48.5” / 123 cm high. The light switch is a rocker 49” / 124.5 cm from the floor. Toilet 17.75” / 45 cm high. Distance to wall right side of toilet : 5.5” / 14 cm. Distance to wall left side of toilet : 60” / 152.5 cm. Cabinet sink 36.25” / 92 cm high.  Paper towel dispenser mounted on wall 57.5” / 147 cm high, unobstructed by sink.


April 25, 2018
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
By Donation
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Storm Crow Tavern
1305 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X5 Canada
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