CIPS Bout Draw Announced

40 of the best poetry slammers from across Canada are converging on Vancouver to participate in the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam at Verses. Many of these are local poetry slam champions, other are poets who are storming the competition through open sign-up. This bout draw shows who they will face in the first two days of competition. The top twelve highest-ranking poets from these two days will advance to CIPS Finals, and there, we will determine the best of the best, the 2015 CIPS champion who will represent English Canada at the World Cup of Poetry in Paris.

Important note: this is NOT the order that poets will be performing in. The order of the first round of each bout will be determined by a random draw. In the second round, the order will be determined by the scores from the first round, poet with the highest score going first through to poet with the lowest score.

Bout 1 @ Cafe Deux Soleils (Thursday, April 30 – 7pm)
Kaz Mega (Breath In Poetry – Edmonton)
Brendan Flaherty (Tonight It’s Poetry – Saskatoon)
Emilee Nimetz (Vancouver Poetry Slam)
Gavin Russell (Capital Slam – Ottawa)
Jayme Archibald (London Poetry Slam)
Johnny MacRae (Storm)
Barb Day (The Brant Rant – Brantford)
Beth Murch (KW Poetry Slam – Kitchener-Waterloo)
Simon Massey (Storm)
Ziy von B (Peterborough Poetry Slam)

Bout 2 @ Havana Theatre (Thursday, April 30 – 7pm)
Andre Prefontaine (Toronto Poetry Slam)
Laforge (Nelson Poetry Slam)
Truth Is… (Guelph Poetry Slam)
Twiggy Starblade (We Flip Tables! – Mississauga)
Isaac Bond (Storm)
PrufRock Shadowrunner (Storm)
Aaron Simm (Vic Slam – Victoria)
Natalie Talson (Slamapalooza – Surrey)
Audrey Lane Cockett (Storm)
Shayna Stock (Storm)

Bout 3 @ Cafe Deux Soleils (Thursday, April 30 – 9pm)
Winona Linn (CanLip – poetry video contest)
Jaimie G (St. Catherine’s Poetry Slam)
Herie Sun (Throw – Montreal)
Liam Coady (Storm)
Jacq Brass (Word Up – Regina)
Ayda Niknami (Storm)
Jenni Madison (Storm)
Apollo the Child (Urban Legends – Ottawa)
Carolyn McGee (Storm)
Kortnee Stevens (Winnipeg Poetry Slam)

Bout 4 @ Havana Theatre (Thursday, April 30 – 9pm)
Kathleen Miniely (Storm)
Same Difference (Storm)
Sasha Patterson (Storm)
Matt Loeb (Storm)
KT Job (Storm)
Erin Cotton (Storm)
Elysia Glover (Storm)
Danielle Altrogge (Storm)
Tasha Receno (Storm)
Erin Dingle (Ink Spot – Calgary)

Bout 5 @ Cafe Deux Soleils (Friday, May 1 – 7pm)
Erin Dingle
Simon Massey
Apollo the Child
Aaron Simm
Erin Cotton
Jayme Archibald
Liam Coady
Truth Is…
Same Difference
Kaz Mega

Bout 6 @ Havana Theatre (Friday, May 1 – 7pm)
Ziy von B
Carolyn McGee
Natalie Talson
Elysia Glover
Johnny MacRae
Jacq Brass
Twiggy Starblade
Sasha Patterson
Brendan Flaherty
Winona Linn

Bout 7 @ Cafe Deux Soleils (Friday, May 1 – 9pm)
Kortnee Stevens
Audrey Lane Cockett
Danielle Altrogge
Barb Day
Ayda Niknami
Isaac Bond
Matt Loeb
Emilee Nimetz
Jaimie G
Andre Prefontaine

Bout 8 @ Havana Theatre (Friday, May 1 – 9pm)
Shayna Stock
Tasha Receno
Beth Murch
Jenni Madison
PrufRock Shadowrunner
KT Job
Gavin Russell
Herie Sun
Kathleen Miniely