Café Deux Soleils

Café Deux Soleils is a semi-accessible venue to wheelchairs and scooters. They have recently completely renovated the bathrooms, installing three ungendered stalls. However there is no wheelchair accessible bathroom. Please read the full report from the Radical Accessibility Mapping Project for more details.

Culture Lab

The Culture Lab is a part of the Cultch complex, accessed from the front on Venables St. Accessible free parking is at the back of the building on gravel. Guests must still proceed around the building to enter the front.

The front entranceway double outer doors pull to open and push to exit with a pushbar. One of the doors is motorized. Typically, one door is kept closed, leaving 33.5” / 85.1 cm clearance.

The entryway leads to a ramp sloping up to the foyer. To access the Culture Lab move through the foyer to the right, a second ramp sloping down to the lounge area passes through a wide set of double doors that are usually kept open and attended.  The Culture Lab entranceway is a double door.

Washrooms are accessible through the wood-floored cafe space and down a concrete hallway. Elevator access is also in this hallway. The first washroom, marked “Universal Washroom,”  is a single stall with access bars. The second washroom, marked “Men – Transgender and Nonbinary Persons Welcome” is accessed by a push door. This washroom has 3 urinals and one stall that pulls open with a handle. For more information get the full narrative audit.

Havana Theatre

Havana Theatre is a mostly accessible venue. To reach the theatre, you must pass through the restaurant to the gallery space. On the right, is a black door leading into the theatre. There is a narrow hallway and two doors to access the performance space. This narrow hallway is possible for wheelchairs to pass through, but can be difficult for larger scooters to maneuver. There are no stairs. Washrooms are located at the end of a hallway which is maneuverable but also narrow.

Rio Theatre

Please read the Radical Accessibility Mapping Projects Rio Theatre overview for more information.

Storm Crow Tavern

Storm Crow Tavern has tables placed closely together and a very narrow hallway to the bathroom area.


You’ll note on arrival a set of 10 railed stairs leading into the Hall. The wheelchair accessible entrance is around back. For this event there will be someone posted at the back door throughout the event.

Once inside, you’ll find a spacious wood floored hall, open concept, tables and chairs set up throughout. The stage (accessible only via stairs) is to your left, and the washrooms towards the back of the hall. The washrooms are currently gendered, but will be marked “gender neutral” for Verses. There are two sets of washrooms. The one to the right of the car, currently mark “women” is wheelchair accessible with no urinals and one additional stall. The one to the left of the bar, currently mark “men”, is on the same level and is now wheelchair accessible, with 2 urinals and one wheelchair access stall and one non-wheelchair access stall. The door has been adjusted to more easily fit wheelchair/scooter users. Overall the space is great.

Please read the Radical Accessibility Mapping Project’s Wise Hall overview for more details.

York Theatre

Please take a look at the accessibility grid provided by PuSh Festival for information about the York Theatre.